Without promotion, something terrible happens…nothing! -PT Barnum

I’ve just contacted about 30 different media outlets regarding the release of LFT: Elements on January 1. I have an honest to God press kit (see here).  Everything is ready to go and the shop is nearly ready to post.

And I feel like I”m going to throw up.  

Why is it so hard to promote ourselves? Or to that end, to compliment ourselves?  I’ve worked my ass off for this program. I’m super proud of it and I know it’s good, yet, when I call these people I’m all bashful and self-deprecating. It doesn’t serve me. I nearly didn’t email anything out because I was too nervous.

Nervous about what? No idea. Failure? People saying no? People not liking my stuff?  I don’t know.  I’ve spent a lot of time on myself, and I know that I’m a good reader. I know this is a great program, and I know that a lot of people can gain valuable experiences by engaging in it.  And yet. And yet. I’m a chicken.

SO, I made myself send out emails and phone calls.  I sent links to the new press kit. I left a voicemail about what a great thing I’m making and how helpful it will be.

And now I wait. I think the reason I finally got off my ass to do this was because I did work so hard on this program. Lots of my friends did, too. And I feel like I’d be doing myself and my friends a disservice if I didn’t try to promote this.

It might not work. I might get a whole lot of nothin, but at least I tried, right?  Trying to be brave makes my stomach hurt, but it might be worth it, right?

xo LFT


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