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Sacred Beauty from Mellissae Lucia

I got to meet Lucia (her last name) at a conference in Portland and immediately fell in love. She’s just vibrant, and her new deck, Santos and Signs, matches that beautiful energy. You can find more information about the deck below, as well as a course that she’s offering! This is a special person who lives her art, and I can’t recommend it (or Lucia!) enough.

The new Santos and Signs—Holy Intermediaries for Sacred Journeys divination deck are modern holy cards for all your pilgrimages of the soul. Whether your quests are within or without, these portable icons offer both earthly and transcendent messages for navigating a life of devotion in motion. The imagery in Santos and Signs is a mix-tape, mash-up of religious iconography from Catholic cemeteries and roadside shrines, combined with the symbolic directives of disintegrating highway advertisements.

More information about the class:

Etsy link to order the new Santos & Signs deck:

If you sign up for the mailing list at you’ll will receive $30 off the class. You’ll need to email Lucia directly to get a link to that price: 

Santos & Signs Online Course starting 10-30-19

When the veils between the worlds are thinnest, we will use the new Santos and Signs: Holy Intermediaries for Sacred Journeys deck to connect with your Ancestors and Spirits—gathering invaluable messages while traveling between the worlds. 

The class includes:

  • Two divination tools, including the new Santos and Signs deck and a one-of-a-kind Funky Fortunes mixed-media divination kit to craft your own enchanting wisdom cards.  
  • Eight self-directed experiences, including intuitive journeys, contemplative practices, creative projects, and unique oracular processes, accessed bi-weekly for the four weeks of the class.
  • There will be two live, interactive two-hour Zoom calls on 11-6-19 and 11-20-19 divining and journeying with the Santos and Signs deck and your Funky Fortunes handmade messages. 

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