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Wild Harmonic Oracle | Deck Review

The Wild Harmonic cards were sent to me by the creator, Gabriel Marihugh. As you know, I don’t like oracle cards generally. I only use them for readings for myself. This deck is going to be one that I use often.

The art is very pretty and accurate to the card, but not distracting. The thing that I love the most is that instead of giving you answers, this deck gives you questions. If you ask, “What should I focus on right now?” The answer is a question that points you in the right direction. You might get one of the following:

Misleading Mind – In what ways do I allow my own mind to mislead me?

Primal Pulse – What within me needs to burst forth into being, to change the very ground upon which I stand?

Having questions like this rearrange the stubborn focus and perception we all have of our own lives is quite a gift. If you’re struggling at work, and are looking at all of the external causes, you could pull, “How can I shift myself in order to be more able to benefit the situation?”

This puts you in a position of power over your own life, which is the goal anyway, right? 

You can find the deck here.

Diversity – N/A

Cardstock – thin but not flimsy

Packaging – ok. will need a bag, though, eventually

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