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The Power of Tarot by Liz Worth | Book Review

I like the way that Liz Worth sees the world. Her “Beyond the Little White Book” tackled tarot cards descriptions in such an unusual and dynamic way that I was pissed I hadn’t thought of it first.

Her new book is just as revelatory. Instead of “here are the cards, here is a spread – do the reading”, Liz walks us through the philosophy of tarot, and what happens when it enters our worlds. What does it do? What are the responsibilities? What is the job of tarot?

The book addresses your personal use of the cards and the universal laws surrounding their use.

If your standard intro to tarot book is the rock being tossed in the pond, the ripples that flow out from that rock are in this book. It’s been needed for a long time and I hope it will encourage folks to be more thoughtful about this tool that they wield, and how they use it.

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