Hey, guys. 

This month, I am going to live by my motto that Gratitude Eats Anxiety for Breakfast. July was hard. I had some medication issues and went to a super dark and creepy place for a few days and am pulling back from that. Stupid medication. 

Anyway, it’s a new month, and with that, I wanted to share some things that make me happy. I’m going to share podcasts this week, then books, tarot stuff and then random happy-making things. I would LOVE to hear about stuff that makes you happy, too.


I have a podcast with two of my best buddies, Jaymi Elford and Hilary Parry-Haggerty. It’s called Cardslingers Coast to Coast, and we talk about the tarot cards, what happens when we give bad readings, reading reversals, etc. All of the stuff. You can find it here. 


Jim Harold’s Campfire is people calling into Jim’s show and telling their stories. I LOVE storytelling, and have always loved ghost stories. These are stories about cryptids, UFO’s and super spooky ghost stories. I love it. And Jim’s voice is super soothing


Well, this isn’t normal is a podcast from my friend, Sara Benincasa.  Talk about soothing voices. Sara talks to her friends about quarantine, ways to deal with stress and things that make them happy. This has become one of my therapeutic listens because it makes me feel less isolated.


Levar Burton Reads. Listen. I’m secure enough about my relationship to admit that I have such a crush on Levar Burton that if I ever met him, it would result in a repeat of my meeting Cory Doctorow. I burst into tears and squatted on the ground like I was in a tornado drill. It was an interesting response, but sometimes, folks have this THING about them that lights my whole self up. Levar Burton is smart, engaging and has this VOICE that is just. Listen. I know we’re both married to other people. But he’s amazing.

 I hope you guys will share your favorites with me. I left Twitter due to it being super toxic for me, but I’m on Instagram and have a facebook page. All under Melissa Cynova.

ALSO – Finimpact reached out to me with a resource for LGBTQ-owned small businesses!  Super cool. Here’s the link



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