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Q is for Quarrelsome #atozchallenge

This is going to be a short one, folks. The first part is for tarot clients, and the second part is for tarot readers. Ready?

Tarot clients,

If you pay me $125 for a session with me, then spend 45 minutes of that session arguing with me, you are wasting your money and my time. I love you, I truly do, and I know that I say shit that really pisses you off. I know. I piss me off, too. What I want you to do instead of yelling at me is to write the stuff down and chew on it for a while. Figure out WHY it made you so mad. That will help you more than you know.  Also, I love you. I get it. Just concentrate on using our time well.  xo Lis

Tarot readers, 

If you feel it’s useful to argue with your clients, that’s ok. You do the thing. But if you DON’T, I need you to feel comfortable shutting that shit down. They’re calling you because they value your opinion and gift, and if you can’t get your gift out, it’s futile. Be sure that what you’re doing is READING the cards, not defending your reading.  I get it. It’s ok.  I love you.

xo Lis

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