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F is for Freedom #atozchallenge

 Can you be free?
Can you be free?

Can you be free of the thing that you love?

If you’re doing readings for yourself (or whatever it is that you do for a living) for your friends or for clients, can you put it down? 

If you have stern boundaries about when you work and for whom, can you enforce them all of the time? Can you do this without guilt?

My answer is, yeah. Mostly. I mean, I can NOW. I wasn’t always able to put my cards down. Here’s how I fixed this problem and got freedom from my cards. Follow along and set your own blazing boundaries, won’t you?

For myself – those times when I was so unsure and afraid and would give myself reading after reading, telling myself that THIS would be the last card I pulled. This was it. This was the one that would decide the thing. Three of Swords? No. This next one was it. It would be. 

The Solution – ground yourself from the cards. This is a trap and part of a crazy hate spiral of doom. Call a friend, get a reading from them and stop touching your cards.

For my friends/family – You go to a party and someone asks if you brought your cards and you did and you suck at lying so you say yes. Next thing you know, you’re the entertainment for the party and two of your aunties are pissed at you because they didn’t like your readings.

The Solution – don’t bring your cards. Seriously, don’t. Leave them at home so  you can honestly say, “No, I don’t have them. Let’s have a drink.”  

For Clients – There are two types of intrusions that I get from clients. One is that they’ll email and ask for a free reading, or ask me to interpret the reading they gave to themselves, or ask me what my “feelings” are about a situation. Or dump their entire story on me and rely on my empathy to get a reading.

The Solution – Say no. No, I don’t work for free. No, I’m not rearranging my life to do this for you. This is my job. You are not paying for the reading, you are paying for my time and expertise, and I don’t give that away for free.

For Clients – part two – I don’t do readings in person anymore, except for at a local new age store once a month. I get asked to do in person readings ALL THE TIME. These are my boundaries, guys. This is what I can do and still be happy and have time with my children. I have three jobs. I don’t have time for your whims.

The Solution – Say no. Say No . Say NO.  No.

xo Lis


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