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F is for Fountain Tarot #atozchallenge

I got the Fountain tarot as a Yule gift from my friend Ryan. I don’t know if I would have purchased it myself, because it seemed kind of abstract and I didn’t know what I thought of it. Luckily, Ryan is a damned genius, and knows me better than I suspected.

First of all, I’m a really tactile person. Soft blankets, dressy clothes that look fancy af but actually feel like pajamas. These cards FEEL good. I don’t know a lot about card stock, but I do know that these cards feel better in my hands than any other deck I’ve used. When I use them with clients, they always comment on how smooth and soft the cards are and they relax into the reading. It’s great. They shuffle well, too.

They have silver gilded edges, and the imagery on the decks is this lovely watercolor-y artwork. Even the box is beautiful and cleverly put together. Also? The Fountain tarot features people of color. This seems to be a trend that’s growing more common, and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s so great to have a deck that can represent my clients and isn’t just filled with straight, white people.

Now, how does it read, you might ask? Like a dream. The readings are insightful and seem to have a level of depth that I haven’t found with other decks. Mine all have personalities of their own. The Wild Unknown is blunt and direct. The Joie de Vivre is sassy and funny. The Fountain tarot is on a deeper vibration and it resonates just as deeply with each client. One of my friends was going to get a reading, but looked through the entire deck first. She idly pulled out one card after another and sorted about nine cards into three different piles while we were eating. She asked if I wanted to start the reading, and as I looked at the cards she’d laid out, I realized that she’d ‘accidentally’ given herself a reading. It was bananas. I helped her with a little bit of the interpretation, but she was able to read for herself intuitively, and it was absolutely beautiful to watch. I’ve never seen that happen before.

One of the things that I love best about this deck is that it adds a level of elegance to the reading. It’s truly a piece of art, and when I start reading with it, it brings with it a level of gravity and seriousness that isn’t surrounding my other decks. 

I highly recommend this deck, and hope it brings as much grace to your readings as it has to mine. Thanks again, Ryan.  

xo Lis

 This pic is from their kickstarter campaign. which was wildly successful, thank god.
This pic is from their kickstarter campaign. which was wildly successful, thank god.

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