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O is for Omega Institute #atozchallenge

A few months ago, Mary K. Mothafuckin’ Greer called my cell phone. You have to understand. I know tarot because of her, Rachel Pollack and Barbara Moore. These three were my teachers through their writing. 

So, I check my voicemail and hear, “Hi, Melissa. This is Mary Greer.”

Wait, what? Maybe she needs someone’s cell number. So I call her back and she invites me to present with her and Rachel (jesus christ) Pollack, and my friend George Koury, and the amazing Liz Dean at the Omega Institute in New York. Um. Yeah, sure, I guess. That would be cool, or whatever.  *coff*

The Omega Institute has been around for quite a while, and from what I can gather, teaches people how to be connected. To each other, to the earth, to themselves. I’m in.

After saying yes and thank you and freaking the fuck out properly, I started thinking about my presentation and the theme “Five approaches to messages from the cards” . I know what I’m going to talk about, and I think it’s going to be really good. I’ve never been to upstate New York, and it’s only a few hours from Cattaraugus, NY, where one of my ancestors is from. So I might have to do some exploring while I’m in the area.

Three of my friends might be coming to the weekend, and i would love to see you guys there, too. 

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