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O is for Overwhelmed #atozchallenge

I’ve noticed that when my life is quiet and calm, I book more readings than I do when my life is bananas. In the last two weeks, I had a root canal and went to visit my family out of state. I had HALF of the readings that I did last month at this time, when I was working part time and sleeping a lot. 

Your tarot business is going to have ups and downs and hopefully they’ll ebb and flow with your life. When I’m sick I can’t give good readings and the universe seems to take that into account. What I’m trying to do is relax into that. Instead of getting frustrated because business has slowed down a bit, I’m trying to appreciate that I’m being given space to keep from freaking out. 

No one wants a reading from someone who is completely overwhelmed, so remember that in order to give care, you’d have to care for yourself.

xo Lis


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