A to Z Blogger Challenge Deck Review

P is for the Prairie Tarot #atozchallenge


A long time ago, I got a copy of the Prairie Tarot from a boyfriend. I loved the deck, and then the boyfriend went away and I couldn’t use it anymore. It had Ex all over it. So I gave it away. (To Ryan! Hi, Ryan!)

Then I dreamt about this deck. I saw my friend Ellen reading with it and got all kinds of jealous. The deck is beautiful, but that’s not really the best part of it. I grew up in Kansas in the 70’s. What this means is that I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie while clutching my Holly Hobbie doll. We drove past sunflower fields and beautiful prairie and I had a crush on Little Joe from Bonanza.

This is an American deck – the first I’ve seen. It speaks to the pioneer spirit and of folks who did NOT die of dysentery. There are a few people of color, mostly Native Americans, and the Lovers card could be a dude and a lady getting married, or two ladies getting married. Hard to tell. I dig it. 

All pictures below are part of the Prairie Tarot by Robin Ator. He’s a hell of a guy. I know this because my dog ate one of my cards and he sent me another one for a few bucks. That’s cool.

xo Lis

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