Lifted with permission from my punkin, Beth, at Little Red Tarot

Beth is the one who introduced me to this deck. The SasuraIbito tarot by Stasia Burrington. I love the entire deck, but the Moon card really brings it on home for me. The Moon is not a happy card. It’s full of unsurety, anxiety, and fear. This version of the card – the woman’s face encircled by the crescent moon, her head bowed with the weight of her intuition, a tear streaming down her face. 

This is the face of someone who knows what’s coming, and doesn’t know if they can (or should) stop it. It’s the face of someone who just heard the phone ring and were instantly filled with dread. 

This isn’t always a ‘bad’ card. Sometimes the other shoe just needs to drop. Sometimes, you get enough of a head’s up that you can shift things a little bit. 

Sometimes a little bit is all you need.

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