You can find this awesome print  here. 
You can find this awesome print here. 

You know that thing when you walk into a party and are doing your thing – looking for cats to pet, hoping they have the good ginger ale – when suddenly you lock eyes with someone and your whole person catches on fire? I really hope so, because that feeling is AMAZING.

i’ve had it happen a few times. One time, the lady had green eyes like a cat and I stuttered and stammered at her until I sat in a corner, drank beer and petted a kitten until she left because that was literally all I could think to do. Just being in her orbit made me go stupid.

One time, a fella and I crashed into each other so hard that I think the reverberations are still sounding through the Universe. And then I never saw him again.

Or the guy that I read for at a party who sat across from me, looked at me, and both of our jaws dropped in unison. We stared at each other and then both said at the same time, “Oh, my god. Do I know you?” We didn’t (I mean, it felt like we did). I don’t remember reading for him. I don’t remember at which point he grabbed my hand across the table and my skin caught fire. I DO remember his wife walking up to hand him a drink. gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Another time, a man winked at me and then we got married and I still get all excited when he walks in the front door of our home. I am crushing so hard on him, you guys, and it’s been almost five years. And good golly. He makes me giggle and hide my face. I love him just as fiercely as I did the first second i saw him. 

The thing all three of these experiences have in common is the Lovers. That absolutely irrefutable pull towards someone else. sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you can act on it, and sometimes it just pushes you down and gives you the finger. The Lovers is intense and real and magical.

It also needs something else to make it into a relationship. Just the connection won’t last. The Housewives Tarot has a great image of this – two lovers in a car, smiling at each other as they go over a cliff. There is a lot of Romeo and Juliet in this card, and when you see it in a reading, you need to make 100% sure that there is a second act (if you want one).

If you DON’t want a second act, just let it consume you and light a cigarette from your ashes. Both ways are just amazing.

xo Lis

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