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I heard when I first started reading, that the best way to memorize the cards was to put them under your pillow – one card per week – and dream about them.  Study during the day, dream at night.  Perfect.  I think it might have maybe worked a little?  But honestly, I was so worried about jacking up my cards that I couldn’t focus on the learning process.

There is something there, though, about sleeping on it.  Whether as a reader or a client.  

When you GIVE readings, pay attention to your dreams before and after.  I feel weird if I don’t remember my dreams the next day.  They’ve become like a running narrative of this other world that sometimes makes sense.  Sometimes, I peel my face off and put it in a drawer.  It’s a crapshoot really.

What sleep can always do for a reader is let you put your mind at ease.  You can say goodbye to the readings, the constant contact with people and the processing of the readings you promised yourself you’d let go of a few hours ago.  You can put all of that down and just go away. Sometimes in the process of letting things go, you can pick up little things you’ve missed.  Messages, signs or more information that might be pertinent to you or your clients later on.

When you GET readings – sleeping can give you a perspective that you missed the first time around.  Readings are often a lot of information in a short amount of time.  You can record them or take notes, but still – someone just laid your life out for you.  You have to have time to process that.  I got a reading once in New Orleans that just blew me away.  This man *saw* me. Really saw me.  It kind of freaked me out a little, if I’m honest.

I remembered most of it that day.  I remembered a little more the next.  I had reading-flavored dreams for several months until the day that the last prediction came true.  Then they stopped.

Dreams can be powerful tools in prediction.  I dreamed about my little girl when I was fifteen.  For fifteen years, I dreamed about a curly haired toddler with dimples named Z.  I told my parents about it, friends in high school and college, and I always wondered – how does a Native American have a little girl with curly hair?  Well, you have a baby with a Jewish guy, that’s how.  I had Z when I was thirty.  Curly hair.  Dimples.  Ain’t that some shit.

If you’re into cards, you’re likely going to be into some other things that dance around in the eso-sphere.  Dream interpretation, meditation, reiki, etc.  I can tell you from experience that these three things will enhance your readings, help you calm yourself and make you a stronger vessel for what you do.   I can also tell you that sometimes your dreams are going to involve your best friend driving a Mack truck around Hazzard County.  You’re going to have to decide which to look into and which are just your brain cleaning house.  Have fun with them.  Remember that everything in your life is a tool if you use it properly.   Sweet dreams.

xo LFT


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