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These decks allow us to confront what we know with what we think we know. – J. Ryan Kent

Jake has a kickstarter for this wonderful decks – The Queer Community Tarot Deck.  We spoke with Jake earlier about his Queer Street Tarot business, and I’m happy to have another questionnaire about his new decks. These decks are focused on all aspects of the queer community, and are dedicated to making sure that people see themselves in their cards. 

You can visit the Kickstarter at the link above, and find out more about the deck below. 

xo! Lis


Earth – tell me how this deck makes you feel at home

These decks combine all that I’ve learned about myself, about others, and about community. Queer culture doesn’t usually come with a ready made home for everyone, more often than not it is a shake and bake hodgepodge of people coming together to live their lives. These decks embrace that idea at their core.

Air – how does it challenge you mentally?

Within each of these decks, the queer meaning is in there, among everything else, and the esoteric aspects of human sexuality make these enriching decks that allows people to explore concepts and ideas they may not have stared at too long in public. These decks allow us to confront what we know with what we think we know.

Fire – what is the connection to Self?

I feel that these decks will share something special with people. Especially those directly associated with the deck, i.e. the queer community. It can be easy to find tarot decks but one that speaks to you as a being, rather than just a few cards thrown in here or there is harder. With these three decks, it will be easier for more people to find themselves in some form within the cards.

Water – How will it connect to people emotionally?

Working from my previous answer, this deck is about fulfillment, about exploration, and about growing an understanding of community around you outside of media, the many voices that can sometimes feel monotonous when it comes to social justice work. There should be space for everyone at the table and that is what this set of decks aims to create.

Spirit – What is this deck’s connection to Spirit?

Human beings have always been had a complex relationship with sexuality just as they have had with spirituality and religion. While these decks don’t have a set of religious beliefs tied to them, I am hoping that people have their own experiences with them. These decks are an evolution in the way we think of tarot, in the way we interact with decks, and the way in which we study them—I feel. I want to blur the lines between traditional meanings and other disciplines. Jung did it with psychology, I want there to be one deck that really focuses on human sexuality to give voice to a non-heterosexual perspective.

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