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What we feel and think and are is to a great extent determined by the state of our ductless glands and viscera. Aldous Huxley


In my Red Wheel/Weiser package, I found this beautiful (and I mean beautiful) Chakra Reading Card set.

Let’s talk about packaging for just a sec. Most tuck boxes go directly into storage for me. If they don’t tear when you open them, they will the next time you use them. Red Wheel has these amazing THICK boxes with magnetic flaps to close the lids. They’re pretty, sturdy and I know that I can keep my cards in them for the life of the deck. Can I get an amen for Red Wheel?

The card stock, again, is fantastic. Easy to shuffle, no foxing and I’m not afraid that they’re going to tear. The colors are gorgeous and even the card backs are pretty.

I don’t know a lot about chakras. I think they’re located near my druthers? Or near the cockles? Anyway, I came to this deck as a newbie, and have already learned more about chakras and the energy they work with than I have in the decades I’ve been thumbing through metaphysical books.

That said, this deck would also be fantastic for people who know more than me. 🙂 There are personal affirmations with each card, and a lengthy description of WHY you pulled each card. I really dig this deck you guys. I think you will, too.

xo Lis



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