I set the intention for you and for me that we will receive healing, guidance, confirmation, grounding, centering, balance, peace, harmony, abundance… – Mitchell Osborn

 I've met him in person. He's even BETTER looking than this, which is ridiculous....
I’ve met him in person. He’s even BETTER looking than this, which is ridiculous….

I got to meet my darling Mitchell Osborn at Reader’s Studio this year. He taught one of the Master Classes, and his presentation had quite an impact on me. I stopped meditating with him about halfway through and started furiously writing about my next book. It was like a dam had burst, and I walked out of there was a clear ending to the book (that i’d been blocked about!) and a clear path of how to get there. So the book will be dedicated to Mitchell. 😀

Along with being a hell of a guy just in general, Mitchell is (from his bio) a medium, a tarot and Lenormand reader, an Intuitive Soul Coach, Animal Communicator, Dream Interpreter, Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Teacher. He connects to Spirit to help in identifying soul-level solutions for wellness, enlightenment and growth. He uses a humorous, direct and compassionate approach in his sessions and wants his clients and students to recognize the world of energy around them and be able to make their own confident empowered decisions from an intuitively informed centered and balanced place. 

NOW – I am a fairly skeptical person by nature, but this man is what he says he is. He has the most natural and effortless connection to Spirit that I’ve ever encountered, and getting a reading from him is truly a treat. 

You can find Mitchell at, and in my heart. <3 (BFF’s 4eva)

LFT Questionnaire 

1.  What you appreciate the most in your friends. Honesty, understanding and quality time. 

2.  Your idea of happiness. Peace in all situations. 

3.  Your idea of misery. Continually running after something I THINK i want but know it’s just not ‘in the cards for me’. 

4.  Where would you like to live? Some place peaceful and energetically balanced. 

5.  Your favorite colors and flowers. GREEN!!!! GREEN!!!! Gardenia cause they smell SO AMAZING. 

6.  Your favorite poets. Not a big fan of poetry. Maybe e e cummings

7.  Your heroes/heroines in fiction.  Wonder Woman!!!!!! HELLO!!!!  (omg me, too!!! -LFT)

8.  What role does divination play in your life? Brought me purpose and strength. 

 Ridiculously adorable. The dogs are cute, too.
Ridiculously adorable. The dogs are cute, too.

9.  Your heroes/heroines in real life. Fabian, my husband. 

10.  What is your present state of mind? inquizitive 

11.  What is your favorite tarot deck or divination tool? Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Ciro Marchetti!!! basically ALL I use. 

12.  Your favorite songs? Freedom from George Michael

13.  What is your favorite word? Joy

14.  What is your least favorite word? C*NT

15.  What sound or noise do you love? a thumping beat of house music.

16.  What sound or noise do you hate? crying child/baby

17.  What turns you on? questions 

18.  What turns you off? fetishes or dirty talk… i am SO vanilla

19.  What is your favorite curse word? Bitch

20.  If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? You got more right than most did!!!!!! LMAO!!!! (YES.. i want God(less) to use the acronym LMAO) 

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