A to Z Blogger Challenge Deck Review

V is for Vivid Journey Tarot #atozchallenge


I got a copy of the Vivid Journey deck from Llewellyn for review and I busted it out to play with immediately. It’s a pretty good deck! Here is the review:

Artwork – The artwork is just beautiful. It’s reminiscent of children’s books, and it felt very comforting. I liked the bright colors and smiling faces. Nicely done.  

The Suits – This is a gentle deck – I think it would be great for parties! The Devil card is handsome. The Chariot rider has a chin dimple. It’s charming. 

Representation – There are queer folks, but like one person of color, and that person was light beige. I think more attention could have been paid to representation. That was a bit disappointing.

Cardstock – Surprisingly good! I”m getting used to crappy cardstock, but this is good. It is thin, but sturdy and I don’t think it will fox on the edges. It feels good. Mid to large size.  

The Book! – I haven’t had time yet to read the book, but it’s bigger than an LWB. 

Shufflability – Perfect. 

Should you buy this deck? Yes. It’s nice, sturdy and would be a great party deck. 

xo! Lis

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