Air, I should explain, becomes wind when it is agitated. – Titus Lucretius Carus

There is a card in the tarot that shows a woman sitting on a bench alone, on the middle of a beach, in front of calm waters. In this card, the woman is blindfolded and balancing two swords in her arms. Steadily. So steadily.

 The “Shut the hell up so I can hear myself think” card  US Games
The “Shut the hell up so I can hear myself think” card US Games

Her feet and hands aren’t bound, so we can assume that she walked here of her own volition. Her face is empty of emotion and she’s holding her swords so rigidly. She’s blindfolded herself to shut out exterior influence. This the tarot equivalent of “lalala I can’t hear you”, but for a very good cause.

When we want the truth, it can be overwhelming to open up to other’s opinions and advice. The swords are aligned with the Air element, and call to mind intellectual clarity. What is right for you. In business and planning your future, the best advice can come from you, if you only take the time to be quiet and allow it.

It is difficult to trust yourself and allow that you know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone. The problem is that our emotions climb up into our brains and dull our thinking. After years of self-doubt or anxiety messing with our clear thoughts, it’s difficult to cut away the nonsense and honestly just fucking THINK.

In tarot, Air=intellect and Water=emotion. Whenever my mind gets clouded, I imagine a flood. I think of water flowing into the electrical circuits of my brain and shorting everything out. It’s a mess. It’s exhausting. I don’t like it.

I designed the Air reading in Elements to combat electrical circuitry flooding, so to speak. We look at what’s blocking you, what’s available that you’re not accessing, and how to dry yourself out so you stop blowing your electrical transformer… I might have lost the metaphor here.

It helps you scoot away from the water, plant yourself on a bench and listen to yourself. I keep seeing this “You are your own guru” thing online, and it always makes me think “Well, duh, but it’s so hard to remember that”.

Anyway, if you feel that you need some clarity, here is where you can find the reading.

xo – LFT

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