If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever. – Tennyson

I love giving presents to friends.  I like the thought that goes into it.  I love having conversations in which they mention something that they’d love and bookmarking it away in my brain til their birthday (or til I feel like getting them something).  

I love giving readings, too, and I’ve been kicking around an idea for how someone can gift one of my readings to someone else without that shady, “Hey, you should call this lady.  She’ll look into your subconscious.  It’s great” conversation.  Mostly, I’m referred by word of mouth when a client’s friend needs some clarity. 

Do you know what I’d love, though?  I’d love to have my readings given as presents.  It’s not only when you’re sad or confused or angry that Tarot can be a gift.  It can be when things are great and you’re looking ahead for what’s to come.  I love giving readings for people about to get married, for the start of a new job, new year, new life.  I love readings bursting with potential and high fives. 

SO, my friend Michelle is an outstanding, fun and quirky artist.  She took Ed – my logo fox that Ryan Edward designed for me – and put him on a pendant.  I was so tickled!  We started talking about how it would make a nice present for clients and then WAIT A SECOND, it all clicked.   

You can purchase a gift reading – in person or a phone reading – on my website, or on Michelle’s Etsy site.  It can be a short or a long phone reading.  In person readings – well, you have to put up with me for an hour or so. 

I hope you enjoy!  Can’t wait to be a present.  🙂 

xo – LFT


img-3   – Michelle’s awesome site.

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