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If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that I’m crazy about Wonder Woman. Child of the 70’s, poor motherless waif who looked to Lynda Carter to save the world. It’s a beautiful story. Anyway, my love for WW has continued and has recently slammed into my love for tarot.


 I found the WW bag on the Internet. I highly recommend it for the purpose of enhancing your tarot readings with WW goodness.  
I found the WW bag on the Internet. I highly recommend it for the purpose of enhancing your tarot readings with WW goodness.  

The problem with some ‘theme’ decks is that they don’t read well. I’ve run into a few that were adorable and utterly frickin worthless.  The Fool is falling off the cliff, the imagery is completely wrong for the meaning of the card, etc. Or the pips are lazily done. I’ve always got an eyebrow up (metaphorically, I can’t raise one eyebrow) when I see a kitschy deck. 

I found this one MONTHS after it came out, which is just ridiculous. This is the Justice League Tarot by Sara Richard.  The artwork is fantastic, and it reads beautifully. Some of the cards are almost strikingly accurate. The Scarecrow, for example, scares the holy bejeesus out of me. He’s the 9 of Swords. The Fool is Harley Quinn, and Two Face is the Wheel of Fortune.  


 Batman wasn't the hero the tarot deck deserves, but not the one....well, that doesn't work here, does it....
Batman wasn’t the hero the tarot deck deserves, but not the one….well, that doesn’t work here, does it….

I was also happy to see JOHN FRICKIN CONSTANTINE as the Magician, and the Joker as the Tower – chaos, anyone?  There are also quite a few Superheroes and Villians of Color, which is nice to see. There are more diverse decks out there these days, but I’m always happy to find a card that represents more of my clients.  


 These are my favorites.  
These are my favorites.  

The Strength card is my absolute favorite and not because it has Wonder Woman, (not only because) but LOOK at this. The lady is in a state of effortless calm, and the lion has her mouth open. WW might be a little scratched up, but she’s seriously in control of this situation.  Blam. Also, how cool is the Green Lantern? And those other two ladies. Those…not Wonder Woman ladies. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know who all of these characters were, so I found a list for us online. You can find it at the bottom of this post.

 Wonder Womaaaaaaaaaan
Wonder Womaaaaaaaaaan

 Not Wonder Woman. Madame Xanadu
Not Wonder Woman. Madame Xanadu

SO, I short, I like this deck a lot. It reads well, it’s beautiful and it has goddamned Wonder Woman all up in it. The cards are interesting and worked with the traditional meanings. The cards were standard sized and the quality of the cards is ok. Not like Fountain tarot quality, but average. 

Justice League tarot is available online. I got mine from a small gaming company, but they’re also on, but apparently not if you’re Canadian. So if you live in America’s Hat, be sure to check out shipping.

xoxoxoxoxo!!! LFT

MAJOR ARCANA (list compiled by laguzdreaming on tumblr)

The Fool – Harley Quinn
The Magician – John Constantine
High Priestess – Catwoman
Empress – Poison Ivy
Emperor – Aquaman
Hierophant – Ra’s Al Ghul
The Lovers – Hawkman and Hawkgirl (Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders)
The Chariot – Green Lantern (mostly likely Hal Jordan)
Strength – Wonder Woman and Cheetah
The Hermit – Doctor Manhattan
Wheel of Fortune – Two-face
Justice – Batman
Hanged Man – Deadman
Death – Doomsday
Temperance – Raven Roth
The Devil – Lex Luthor
The Tower – Joker
The Star – Supergirl
The Moon – Black Adam
The Sun – Shazam
Judgement – Spectre
The World – Lois and Superman



Ace of Wands – The Phantom
2 of Wands – Miss Martian
3 of Wands – Amethyst
4 of Wands – Doctor Fate, Plastic Man, Flash, Stargirl (formerly known as Star Spangled Kid), Batman, Shazam, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Power Girl (JLA / JSA)
5 of Wands – Firestorm
6 of Wands – Booster Gold
7 of Wands – Etrigan (listed as ‘The Demon’)
8 of Wands – The Flash
9 of Wands – Huntress
10 of Wands – Cyborg
Page of Wands – Doctor Fate
Knight of Wands – Shining Knight
Queen of Wands – Zatanna Zatara
King of Wands – Captain Atom


Ace of Cups – White Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
2 of Cups – Apollo and Midnighter
3 of Cups – Saturn Girl with Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy (The Legion of Super-Heroes)
4 of Cups – Saint Walker
5 of Cups – Mr. Freeze
6 of Cups – Three Flashes (Jay Garrik, Barry Allen or Wally West, Bart Allen)
7 of Cups – Green Lantern (John Stewart)
8 of Cups – Red Hood
9 of Cups – Plastic Man
10 of Cups – Big Barda and Mr. Miracle
Page of Cups – Stargirl (formerly Star Spangled Kid)
Knight of Cups – Nightwing
Queen of Cups – Star Sapphire
King of Cups – Martian Manhunter / J’onn J’onnz


Ace of Swords – Sinestro
2 of Swords – Madame Xanadu
3 of Swords – Atrocitus
4 of Swords – Superman’s Fortress of Solitude
5 of Swords – Zod
6 of Swords – Reverse Flash
7 of Swords – Deadshot and Batman
8 of Swords – Brainiac
9 of Swords – Robin (being harassed by) Scarecrow
10 of Swords – Boomerang
Page of Swords – Damien Wayne as Robin
Knight of Swords – Red Lantern (Guy Gardner)
Queen of Swords – Amanda Waller
King of Swords – Darkseid


Ace of Pentacles – Bane
2 of Pentacles – Hawk and Dove
3 of Pentacles – Red Robin, Superboy, Ravager, Wonder Girl, Raven, Kid Flash (Teen Titans)
4 of Pentacles – Penguin
5 of Pentacles – Swamp Thing
6 of Pentacles – Green Arrow
7 of Pentacles – Deathstroke
8 of Pentacles – Batgirl
9 of Pentacles – Black Canary
10 of Pentacles – Blue Beetle #2 (Ted Kord, I believe)
Page of Pentacles – Blue Beetle #3 (Jaime Reyes)
Knight of Pentacles – Lobo
Queen of Pentacles – Vixen
King of Pentacles – Ozymandias

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