And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair – Kahlil Gibran

Earth is the element that I have the most trouble with. My friend did my astrological chart (I don’t astrology — too much math) and she found that I have NO earth in my chart. Eight planets in Fire, one air, some water and no earth. When I do tarot readings for myself, the suit that relates to Earth — the Pentacles — are often absent and sorely missed.

When you think of all the idioms that relate to the Earth, you pick up a theme after a while.
  • Down to earth
  • Earth mother
  • Heaven on Earth
  • Hell on Earth
  • Salt of the Earth
  • Scum of the Earth
  • Grounded
All of these talk about going back to nature. They imply stability and becoming solidly a part of your environment. Heaven on earth says that the ground you walk on is divine. Salt of the Earth says that the person is earnest and reliable. Each of these speak to being solid. Even the bad ones talk about being solid — to the extreme. Hell on earth- being stuck in a miserable situation. Scum of the earth -the worst characteristics of the worst people.
When the Earth element is balanced in our life, the place where we stand and rest our heads — our homes — are also balanced. When you are disconnected and your Earth element is absent or wonky, it’s difficult to find stability or peace. Our homes are often the only place we can relax and drop our armor. When my home is messy or cluttered, it gives me anxiety on top of whatever stress the day has brought me.
I have a client who started her new year with a clean house. And I mean Clean. She donated a dozen bags of things that were taking up real estate in her home — rent free. She got rid of a couch that wasn’t comfortable. She attuned her home so that it became her refuge and truly became a place where she could feel at ease.
Tomorrow, we’re going to bless her home and use a smudge stick to clear the energy and give her a blank slate. The energy in her home will be tuned to her and her family, and will encourage her and her friends to leave their dis-ease at the door and come down to earth.
If you need a do-over in your life. If you have some grody emotional residue (and other people’s belongings) in your house, the first things you need to do is clean. The second is call me for an Earth tarot reading. We’ll figure out what we can do to get your feet on the ground and turn your house into a home.
Xoxo — LFT


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