YOU ARE HERE. – this spread we just came up with.

Tarot readings are not just about telling the future.  Actually, they’re MOSTLY about not telling the future.  They look at what you’re dragging in from the past, what you’re stewing in in the Present, what you need to fix and what you need to STOP TOUCHING IT.  (It’s never going to heal if you pick at it)

I have a very very very very very good friend, who I will call the Red Headed Stranger.  This friend has had a rough few years.  Death of a loved one, breakups, loss of employment and painful and unexpected disability.  It’s been hard.  RHS is at a place right now where looking into the future won’t help a goddamned bit.  I can tell someone that everything is going to be ok until I lose my breath, but if you’re that beat down, it’s just bullshit until it happens, you know? If they can’t believe in themselves, they’re not going to believe that I believe in them, either.

SO, RHS had a dream about a spread.  One card in the middle, and a card at North, South, East and West.  I decided that the cards would mean:

  1. Covering – where you are
  2. Bottom – what’s holding you up
  3. Left – What you’re dragging in from the past
  4. Top – What you should reach for
  5. Right – What you can hold onto to pull yourself forward.

Not looking into the future.  Not trying to figure out what’s next.  Just what do I have?  Where am I?  How can I work with what I have?

It reminds me of the Star card, actually.  Not a brash, really fricking ok Sun card, but a gentle hand helping you stand up and get your bearings.

Thank you, Red Headed Stranger.  You’re amazing and I dig you.  

 You Are Here spread.  With a serious assist from the Red Headed Stranger.  Wild Unknown deck.
You Are Here spread.  With a serious assist from the Red Headed Stranger.  Wild Unknown deck.

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