Major Arcana Tarot MixTape Playlist

The Magician #tarot #tarotmixtapeplaylist

The Magician exudes self-confidence. He’s got all of the tools of the tarot in front of him – pentacle, wand, cup and sword, but he doesn’t need them. He has his own wand – usually pointing up and down, which calls to the Wiccan prayer, “As above, so below”. He is in control of the elements. He is calling the shots. The Magician uses his own energy to make things happen. He’s looking straight ahead and is completely aware of his abilities. This card always reminds me that We are magic. The four classic tools of magic lie there ignored. In this card, the Magician possesses all of the magic he needs. Remember, the first chalice was a cupped hand. The first wand- an outstretched finger, and the first pentacle was an open hand. The first sword was probably a sword, but whatever. The point is we don’t have need for trappings – we only need ourselves.

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