The trick is this: Keep your eye on the ball. Even when you can’t see the ball. -Tom Robbins

Jake and I just put out a newsletter this morning, and I have new news already.  Jake is my graphic designer and cohort, and he’s the one who designed this lovely website you’re looking at.  Thanks, Jake!

So, the new news is that I got an email from Barbara Moore yesterday telling me that Llewellyn Worldwide would like to publish my book.  After I stopped crying on the side of the road like a little girl with a skinned knee, I said, “Yes, please and thank you”, and then cried some more.

This book (as yet untitled) is more than a book.  It’s four years of writing, rewriting and once accidently deleting and having to start from scratch.  It’s 24 years of living in the tarot world.  It’s thousands of readings, hundreds of classes and hours of my sweet guy saying, “Hey, how about you get off of Tumblr and finish your book, babe?”

I’m not sure when it will be released, only that it will be.  I’m SO proud that Llewellyn believes in me, because they’ve published my heroes.  Rachel Pollack, Barbara Moore, Mary K. Greer and others.  I’m so thrilled!

So, that’s my news.  Sign up for my newsletter for updates as they come.  You guys have been with me so far, and I’d love to share this new, scary, exciting journey with you.

Love love love, 

xo LFT

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