Major Arcana Tarot MixTape Playlist

The World #tarot #tarotmixtapeplaylist

The World – one path ends, another begins.  The world spins and spins.  My guest DJ for the World is the amazing Theresa Reed.  Let’s do this:
Drop The World by L’il Wayne.
The World is about completion, an ending, a chapter coming to a close. When I heard this song, these lyrics grabbed my attention: “And I could die now, Rebirth motherfucker/ hop up in my spaceship and leave earth motherfucker/ I’m gone, mutherfucker, I’m gone”. Once one lesson is completed, we are ready to start the cycle all over again. Rebirth motherfucker indeed.  – TR

Rise Again – Brandi Carlile
Theresa and I had similar ideas here, except I went with Brandi Carlile.  Same sentiment, except Brandi doesn’t say fuck as much.  😀  The song “Rise Again” is the World card to me.  “Fall like rain, only to rise again.”  Brandi is a little more on the edge than L’il Wayne.  I always see the cards in the midst of moving.  Brandi’s World card hasn’t quite thrown the flaming batons over her shoulder and jumped yet.  If you read the Major Arcana in a neverending  cycle, the next card after the World is the Fool – jump jump jump.  She’s just at the edge of changing everything.  Just at the edge.  It’s a terrifyingly wondrous place, isn’t it?

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