Karen asked how information came through when I do readings.  I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, and I think the best way to explain it would be with stories.  All names were changed to protect my clients, as well as identifying information. 

Once upon a time, I was giving readings at a corporate event, and a woman with long, long dark hair sat down.  For the briefest of seconds, I *saw* her with a shaved head.  It surprised me, and I asked if she was getting a haircut.  She started crying and told me that her hair was a wig, and she was recovering from an illness. 

Once upon a time, I had a man sit down at my table – normally, I thought, but in my head, I *saw* him sitting with a smirk and crossed arms.  I had to have stared at him for over a minute, and finally said, “I’m not going to give you a reading, because the only reason you sat down was to mess with me.  Your friends dared you. I don’t come to your job and knock the test tubes out of your hands.  Don’t fuck with me while I’m working.  I’m not going to read for you, please excuse me.”  He picked his jaw off of the floor and gave me $50, asking “How did you know I was a chemist?”

Once upon a time, I gave a reading in which the Tower card moved.  The picture moved.  I could *see* the client fall…fall..fall…..and then they bounced.  It was outstanding.  They ended up being the only person who didn’t get their ass handed to them in this particular situation. 

Sometimes, when I’m reading, I’ll get a stomach ache or a headache, or my back will be killing me.  I’ll touch whatever part of me, and the client reacts.  We talk about what’s causing this ailment in them, then it goes away.  

Sometimes, I hear things.  I hear music a lot.  I read for one client and couldn’t get “Ring of Fire” out of my head.  I asked what that meant to them, and they’d just recovered from a house fire.

Sometimes I hear dead people.  No kidding.  It freaks me out, and I don’t like it.  BUT, it’s something the client needs to hear. 

Sometimes I smell things.  Vanilla, grandma’s house, gasoline.  I always mention it, and it’s usually relevant. 

Once upon a time, I was reading for a dear friend who I’ll refer to as an Elder.  He’s been here before, he’ll be here again.  Well, he has a lot of spirit guides.  I could *hear* them listening in and chatting about me. “Oh, bless her heart, she’s nervous.”  I had to ask him to tell them to hush.  It felt like a freakin’ group job interview.  🙂

Most of the time, there aren’t as many fireworks.  I lay down the cards, and they talk to me.  I see the Tower, and know that it was necessary, and I *see* the dust settling and what the path ahead looks like (usually dusty).  I throw down the 7 of Wands and feel my client bristling with protective energy.   I can hear the celebration in the 4 of Wands, or see the connective energy in the 3 of Cups.  My cards come alive for me.  That’s the best way I can describe it.

How does information come through for you?


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  1. I read this (awesome stuff! I need to read here more often…) and I had a thought in my head of you reading. The clients are like obsidion, dark, no light passing through. A dark, 3D form. You’re like semi-opaque glass that changes colors… greens and blues, sometimes yellows and oranges, reds. a strangely hyperaccurate representation of 3D space in a 2D form. It’s like you’re a "thin" spot where information/energy can pass through. It’s an interesting thought I’ve never had before. 🙂

    1. That may be the coolest way anyone has ever described what I do. You Science’d my readings! Thanks, Will! 🙂

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