What the what? – Liz Lemon

So, I got an email this morning from a guy who was not a client, who hasn’t ever been a client, and who found me online.  I get these every now and again.  Sometimes people are telling me I’m going to hell, some are telling me that because I like The Gays I’m going to hell, sometimes strangers want to touch my parts inappropriately…and well…. This one.  It was short, but memorable. 

“Hey, I noticed your cut your hair.  Don’t you think you’d be a more credible psychic or whatever with long hair?”

I have a couple of responses to this.

  1. Shut up. 
  2. I’m not really sure what annoys me most, the inherent ignorance or the sexism here.  My brain got in a fight about which was more irritating and the winner hasn’t been announced yet.
  3. ….psychic or whatever….
  4. Shut up.

Ok, so here’s the thing.  Asking me if I would increase my credibility in ANY profession by changing my hair is just sexist as hell and insulting.  That’s like asking if I would be a better mom if I didn’t have tattoos, or if my prettiness gets in the way of my accounting.  I know that some Readers have a more traditional look, and that’s super.  I’ve said before that the best readings come from those people who are comfortable in their own skin and who are their most authentic selves.  My most authentic self decided to cut and donate her hair.  I do this every few years, and it turns out, that unlike Sampson, my skills and strength don’t come from my hair.  Ain’t that some shit.

SO, yeah.  There’s that.

xo Lis

PS Liz Lemon is one of my spirit guides.

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