The amorphous time between christmas and New Year where we’re still not used to it being pitch black at 6pm and no one is really sure what day it is. Most of the advice that comes through in my readings at this time is literally don’t do anything. Just be still. If you don’t move a lot, maybe the bullshit from the last two years will just fall off of you and slither away. Who knows. Magic is mysterious.

Since time has no meaning, I’ve decided to continue with the coupon codes until I feel like changing it. 

Gift certificates will still be $100 and can be used for phone readings and classes.  Also, if you sign up for my newsletter (which, you’re reading it so presumably this sentence is wasted on you, but share with friends) you’ll get a code that gives you $50 off a phone reading or class. I just like doing readings, guys, and things are tight. I get it.

Ok – so new stuff.  

I’m starting a new podcast in the spring. It’s called Hey, Cynova, and it’s going to be like a Dear Abby for my people.  Who are my people? Well, I’ve been recognized in an adult bookstore, a comic book store, and two medical marijuana dispensaries.  So…you guys.  

If you have a question for me, please send it to with the subject line “Hey, Cynova”.  We will not use your real name if we read your email online. 

ALSO, I have events coming up. 🙂  I miss the world. Also, I have always wanted to go to Detroit, home of my favorite music. Imma cry at the Motown Museum. You know it, and I know it.

Health check – 8th medication switch and I’m mostly ok? Fuck if I know. I’m awake, I am no longer having 3-5 panic attacks a day and I haven’t had super high BP in like two weeks so I’m calling it a win.

The Cardslingers podcast is coming back for its THIRD YEAR. I’d like to thank all 22 of our listeners for their support, especially folks in AUSTRIA where we’re NUMBER 64 on the charts. Fuck. yes. We love being #64.

Much love and you know, take it easy on yourself.

Xo Lis


***Please check the venue’s websites for requirements. I don’t want to hear it if you don’t have your vax and you show up and you can’t come in. That’s a whole bunch of not my problem. Read, folks***

January 6, 2022

6-7pm cst – The Novel Neighbor, St. Louis

Kitchen Table Magic Class

January 15, 2022

Noon-1:30 pm EST – Boston Tea Room, Detroit

Kitchen Table Tarot Class

January 15, 2022

2pm – 3:30 pm EST – Boston Tea Room, Detroit

Tarot Elements Workshop

January 16, 2022

1pm – 2:30pm EST – Boston Tea Room, Detroit

Kitchen Table Magic Workshop

February 10, 2022

6-7 pm cst – The Novel Neighbor, St. Louis

Kitchen Table Magic Workshop

March 10, 2022

6-7pm cst – The Novel Neighbor, St. Louis

Tarot Elements Workshop 

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