I am a tarot girl – it’s even in the name.  I’ve been reading cards since I was 14, so…25 years.  I’ve seen oracle decks in the past and have completely ignored them.  Not for me.  Those weird Motherpeace Tarot that are round?  Nope.  Runes – no.  I-Ching – nope.  Spirit boards- no, thank you (also kill it with fire).

This year, however, is apparently the year that I challenge myself and my gift.  My sweet man has gotten me two oracle decks, and instructions to “Do your homework, woman.  Challenge yourself”.  Grr.  Fine.  So, here I am – challenging myself.  πŸ™‚  I even used a spirit board with some friends and nothing exploded or became possessed.  

I’d been gifted this lovely Magpie Oracle by Carrie Paris (thanks, Claudia!), and it’s a bunch of metal and wooden charms.  Shiny!  Awesome!  No idea how to use them.   

In order to do my homework, I needed guinea pigs and I found them.  Claudia was the victim of my first Oracle reading – which was a bit clunky.  I used a casting sheet and tried to not lose any of the charms.  I think I was more nervous than focused and the reading was a bit off.  Sorry, Claudia – I owe you one. 

The second, third and fourth readings were for my poor sweetheart.  We tried the casting sheets, picking three ‘past-present-future’, and then just winging it.  I’m sorry, honey. 

The fifth reading was OUTSTANDING.  My sweet friend, Dianna, asked a question, and I drew six charms – three for the past, two for the present and one for the future.  Here is a picture:


I strongly suggest doing readings on Dr. Who coloring book pages.  It just looks cool.

Anyway, Dianna is the Woman charm – and the owl was for wisdom, I thought.  Turns out, Owls are one of Dianna’s totems.  The green dice cheered for her actions in the past regarding her business – which has been going strongly for six years. 

The present – red dice for not yet – not for two months, I thought, and the crown for success.  Dianna was thinking about starting her new project in two months.  πŸ™‚ 

The last charm blew me away.  The Sun/Moon charm – I was about to ask Dianna what it meant to her because I had no idea – and she said, very excitedly, that it’s one of the things she wants to integrate into her new project, and had already talked to an artist friend about the Sun/Moon design. 

SO – that was just cool.  (Thank you, Dianna)   

I then used them to read for Sara B, and they tapped into some personal memories and some led her down some intuitive paths.  It seemed that just telling her which charms I pulled gave her the answer to her own question.  Pow.  I mean, I totally pulled off some deep and spiritual guidance, but you know.  Whatevs.  πŸ˜‰Β 

Β The Review Part!

First of all – if you’re thinking of getting these, do.  They’re fantastic.   They seem to have that intuitive read like tarot cards, but are straightforward like Lenormand.

What I’ve learned so far with these charms, is that it’s best to try every possible way to read with them before you give up.  Because I’d nearly given up.  I’ve also read that you can use them with tarot cards and astrology charts – so go crazy. 

I’ve also learned that my usual MO (make it up til it feels right) is absolutely the right thing for me to do.  I love these charms, and I love that I had to “do my homework, woman” to learn how to use them properly (for me) 

Have fun!  Thanks, Carrie! 


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