What does a reading consist of? Um…

Hey, crew! I got this question last night and wanted to share the answer with you. I’d imagine that a lot of new clients have this question so I’m going to leave it here for future reference. Everyone’s reading style is different – this is mine.


Hello Melissa,

Can you explain to me what a reading consists of?

Thank you,
Potential lady client

Hi, Lady

That’s kind of a big question.

Regardless of the kind of reading you get, I start shuffling and you tell me when to stop. If it’s an email reading, you ask a question in advance. If it’s in-person or a phone reading, I just shuffle and we see what we see. I lay three cards to look at influences from the past that are still affecting you. We look at two cards in the present to see what’s blocking you or what you can use for assistance. Then we look at a future card – this tells me what the likely outcome of your current outcomes are. 

Here’s the fun part – you can change that last card. I can tell you to avoid dating for a while so you can take good care of yourself, you could ignore me, and be in worse shape (or better? I dunno, I’m not god or Oprah) the next month. 

 If you have more questions outside of this process, we’ll pull more cards and see what we find. Your reading can last anywhere from five to 90 minutes, and I do my best to be efficient. Some readings are a high five and are over, and some are eight different spreads about six different questions and both of us are exhausted at the end.

Free will exists in spades. My job is not to tell your fortune. My job is to help you navigate your present for the best outcomes.

I hope that explains everything. 

xoxo! Lis

 It really is.
It really is.

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