Yesterday, I didn’t move my body because my body didn’t feel good. I lay in bed with an upset tum and allergies, berating myself for not just getting up and doing the thing. Just get on the bike! It’s ten minutes! And then I realized that I would be causing more harm than good if I did. And Joe just got me an electric blanket, so good luck getting my ass out of bed.

I also realized that I hadn’t posted yesterday, and have decided that that’s just fine, too. I know that I’m going to be imperfect, and so my expectations of self should be imperfect, as well.

Food has been less of a challenge than I expected. I’m not eating fast food – no problem – I’m a hermit and barely leave the house. The food that we have at home is healthy, so I have no choice but to eat chicken thighs and toast. And I don’t mind. It’s never been about food for me. It’s more about convenience. SO I just make sure that I eat before I leave the house and bam – healthy as all damnit.

Today’s card is the Magician, which reminds me that I have all the tools that I need to succeed. Rawr.

xo Lis

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  1. I’m going to floss my teeth. I have awesomely strong teeth so it’s never been an issue but I should be nice to my gums. Also super tired of Covid over here too

  2. As mush as covid has been impactful in so many horrible negative ways, there have been many blessing come out of it(I know for me personally there has)
    2020 was an AMAZING year for me. It reconnected me to my estranged daughter, allowed me time to move in and settle into my new home, and allowed me to work part time from home! Hello semi retirement! AND!!! I had some available time to read the Kitchen Table Tarot which was an awesome read!!! Looking forward to connecting with you Melissa Cynova!

  3. “I know that I’m going to be imperfect, and so my expectations of self should be imperfect, as well.” Wow! I am grateful to have read this today. I often set unrealistic expectations for myself. Writing your quote down! <3

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