Since March, I don’t sleep. I mean, I sleep, but I don’t sleep when I want to, which kind of negates some of the benefits of sleep. Like last night, Joe and I watched Grey’s Anatomy (our Stories) and kissed and went to sleep. He went to sleep. I lay there for an hour listening to Matthew McConaughey’s sweet, sweet voice read me a story on Calm. Then I had this conversation with myself.

“Just stay in bed. Every doctor in the world said to stay in bed.”

“Yeah, but I’m TIRED not SLEEPY and I’ve got shit to do. This is stupid”

“Just stay in bed, goddamnit. You’re just going to play with the kitten and you know it.”

“Buh! Scuse me, I’m working on a pitch. I’m going to go finish it right now”

Then I got up and played with the kitten and finished a puzzle AND worked on a pitch and did the dishes and tidied the house and pretty soon it was 1am. I finished listening to an audiobook and went to bed.

And got up at 3. Then at 5. Then, I got back to sleep at 10am and slept until 6pm. SO I’m firmly on Australian time, and my kids and husband are on US time. Goddamnit.

I did the exercise, though, which wasn’t bad. I think next week I’ll bump it up 5 minutes to 15. Since I’ve been asleep all day, the food thing wasn’t an issue. I’ll just have to be cautious when 3am rolls around again. That is the internationally known snack hour, and is hard to ignore.

Today, I am most proud of exercising because I really didn’t want to. And I took a shower, so It’s Miller Time.

Thanks to everyone who sent me a note of encouragement. I appreciate you.

xo Lis

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