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G is for Gratitude #atozchallenge

One of the things that I see come up in readings ALL THE TIME is that people either live in the past or the future. One of those two. They either regret mistakes or missteps that were made or were completely anxious about the future. 

I’ve done this A to Z Challenge for three years, and I always choose Gratitude for G. The reason is that it becomes more and more important as I grow older. That I am gainfully employed, I am grateful. That I have a partner who holds me up and loves me hard, I am grateful. That I get to be an author, I am grateful.

Even when things are hard, I’ve been lucky enough to find something to be grateful for. Something to hold onto in my mind  – an anchor of sorts – that won’t let me float too far away from my reality. If you don’t have a mental anchor, I can’t recommend it enough.

I can get anxious or depressed, and this anchor will help pull me back to center. I can be underwater emotionally, and I can still get back to where I need to be.

Find your anchor. Stay in the present. Find your gratitude.

xo Lis

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