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M is for Mind Your Manners #atozchallenge

I’ve been thinking about tarot etiquette, and I think I’m extremely lucky in this department.  Other than just a few incidents, people have been respectful of me and my cards.  Just in case, though, here is a list of bad tarot manners.

  1. Don’t touch my cards without asking me first.  It makes me stabby.
  2. Please don’t get food or drink near my deck.  It’s not just a deck of cards, it’s MY deck of MY tarot cards and I LOVE THEM.  A lady spilled a glass of wine on my deck a few years ago and jokingly asked if I hated her a little.  Well….. 
  3. Please don’t use the opportunity of a reading for the following things:
    1. Don’t try to convert me to your religion.
    2. Don’t try to test my skills.
    3. Don’t argue with me.  We can disagree, obviously, but I’m not going to be so invested in your reading that I take it personally.  That’s not my job.
  4. Don’t haggle.  I post my prices very clearly on my website.  I don’t give away many readings because I do this for a living.  Those I do give away are at my discretion.  If you send me a message on facebook or twitter asking for a free reading, I will totally ignore you.

I’m sure there are more, but I’ve got some really great clients, and haven’t had many problems.  Thanks for being so awesome, guys.  🙂

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