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Book Reviews! Arwen and Rumi!


Arwen Lynch is an author, the editor of the Cartomancer, and an amazing tarot reader. She’s also my buddy, which makes me just light up. Arwen wrote a book called Mapping the Hero’s Journey with Tarot: 33 Days to finish your book. It’s a wonderful resource based on the Hero’s Journey as laid out by big daddy Joseph Campbell. With this book, Arwen teaches us how to use tarot cards to develop characters, plot points and storylines. I used it while writing my new book, and it’s such a lovely new way to use my cards! 


Rumi’s Little Book of Love and Laughter is full of Rumi’s short stories and fables. I love little collections like this to use as a reference when I need a pick me up, or to do a little bibliomancy. You grab a book, ask what you need to hear, and flip to a random page. Here is the wisdom I found today, 

Awe is the salve that will heal our eyes.


I hope you take time to pick up these lovely books. Thanks to Red Wheel/Weiser and Arwen for the new friends.



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