Aidez-nous. J'ai l'ennui.
  Aidez-nous. J’ai l’ennui.

I got laid off from my muggle job in February. This was a good thing for a few reasons. My kid had surgery, and I was able to care for her pretty much round the clock until she was better. I got terribly ill and was able to rest. I got to go to NWTS in Portland. I came home from Portland and got terribly ill again. I got to spend time with my parents and the kids on their spring break. I got my husband terribly ill, because I’m a giver.

I also got to be very deliberate in choosing a job, and found a great one. Except I don’t start until the 17th.

You guys. I’m not sick anymore. I’m booooored. The kid is healing and my fella is feeling better and my house couldn’t be cleaner.

So, I’ve put a new 30-ish minute phone reading up in the shop. Until 4-17-17, I will be free for readings during the day until just weekends and evenings!

Help me not be bored!

Evidently, I turn into quite the asshole when I run out of stuff to do. 😉
Xo! Lis

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