I heal myself so I can heal others – Keva Bartnick

Every year since the early 2000’s, I do readings at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic. If you’re a new reader, this is one of the best ways to learn your craft. I would throw cards from sunup until I was sleepy, and I started seeing regulars come by year after year. 

My favorites were this group of five to ten smartassed, brilliant, uncompromising women – it always varied – who would all get readings, hang out in my tent, bring me presents and catch me up on their last year. We became a weird little family who hung out once a year. It’s been almost 20 years and we’re still a weird little family. 

One of these ladies is Keva Bartnick. She reached out to me a few years ago for tarot lessons, and took to the cards like they were made just for her. Maybe they were? Keva, in addition to raising three of my favorite little people in the world, has also become a certified Usui Reiki practitioner. She uses her gifts of Mediumship, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, and Claircognizance to assist in healing others. 

 She has an intense interest in Spirituality as it co-mingles with the Sciences, as well as, investigating many energy healing modalities, integrating them all into her own practices. She has worked with people all over the United States, Canada and Australia.

Her formal background is in Metalsmithing and Sculpture which she studied at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Other areas of her study include Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Akashic Records, Ancient Egypt, Buddhism, meditation techniques, and Physical Science along with Gemology. Her current research centers around the expanding potential of the healing of our minds and bodies through Shamanism. Her vision is one of helping heal all beings, grounded in practical application of spiritual principles, and living fully in the moment.

Keva filled out the LFT Questionnaire for us, and is also going to begin working at Karmik Korner in St. Louis. On a personal note, I want to extend my condolences to the staff and family at Karmik Korner for the loss of Carrie LIn. She was a force, and I’m honored to have met her.

Keva will be providing Reiki, chakra alignment, balancing and cleansing, and will be reading the Akashic Records. She is kind, this woman. She is knowledgeable and understanding and loving. She has helped me. She can help you, too.

Her hours for October are Friday’s 4-7 and Saturday’s 11-2

 Hi, punkin!
Hi, punkin!

LFT Questionnaire

1.  What you appreciate the most in your friends.

Honesty first, Loyalty second, and Humor third.

2.  Your idea of happiness.

Rainy days curled up on the couch in my jammies with a nice hot cup of coffee watching movies or reading, or reading while listening to movies. Either that or staying at a cabin in the woods where the snow is so deep you can snowshoe through the woods for hours and not come across another soul. Ya know, Introverting.

3.  Your idea of misery.

Being locked in a room with an angry hungover badger, or worse yet, being locked in a room with someone who hates you for the lies they tell themselves in their own minds, where even if you tell them the truth they still wouldn’t believe you. Those people… or Bigots, Racists, and hateful people, all tied for third place.

4.  Where would you like to live?

Everywhere! But if everywhere isn’t an option I’ll take here and the U.P. of MI, eh?

5.  Your favorite colors and flowers.

Black, because it’s freakin’ slimming, doesn’t show kid stains, and makes me feel like the girl version of Johnny Cash. Turquoise because it’s a HAPPY color, and Coral…same reason.

Flowers? Lillies, Magnolias, and whatever flowers my husband gets me that have no smell…I can’t do smelly flowers.

6.  Your favorite poets.

Longfellow & Dr. Suess

7.  Your heroes/heroines in fiction.

Mr. Darcy, Catherine Earnshaw, Elinor Dashwood, and King Leonidas (Gates of Fire)

8.  What role does divination play in your life?

Every morning I wake up and do the divination things, every night before sleep I do the divination things, so at least I can say that I started the morning off on the right foot, and I choose to end the day on the right foot no matter what the middle looks like.

9.  Your heroes/heroines in real life.

Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mother Theresa

10.  What is your present state of mind?

Ready to embark on another great adventure into the story which is my life.

11.  What is your favorite tarot deck or divination tool?

Oracle cards hands down! I also have this great Native American Animal Medicine Deck that is OUTSTANDING, and my favorite is my Native American Wheel Deck

12.  Your favorite songs?

Rock the Casbah by the Clash and anything at all by Sting!

Sunday Morning by M5

Almost anything by Maroon 5 because Adam sings straight into my soul – Albums: V and Hands All Over BOOM! *Mic Drop* “That dude can write a song,” just doesn’t even come close to summing it up for me.

Also NIN is good, AC/DC, and Metallica…Blake Shelton, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Conway Twitty.

13.  What is your favorite word?

Kindness, because it takes just a second to be kind, and that second could change someone’s day.

14.  What is your least favorite word?

Bullying, because I’ve seen what it can do to people… because hurt people, hurt people. :*(

15.  What sound or noise do you love?

The sound of rain…ahhhhhhhhhhhh it’s so peaceful.

16.  What sound or noise do you hate?

Nails on a chalkboard, grinding of gears, or a truly hurt persons screams.

17.  What turns you on?

Intelligence and intelligent conversation, reading of books, knowing of things.

18.  What turns you off?

Ignorance, bullying, hatred of people.

19.  What is your favorite curse word?

FUCK! It’s the best word ever…It’s an adjective, it’s a noun, it’s a verb. It’s the best sentence enhancer I know, and I use it often.

20.  If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

“Well, well, well…..Look what the cat drug in. You look like hell, that’s good; you used up everything I gave to you and turned it into something good! Ya did good kid. Now come on, let’s go get a drink, and you can tell me ALL about it.”

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