Beware the fierce woman.

My Girl Child is in junior high. It’s still a breeding ground for mean girls and boys. My kid has had the same bully since the second grade, and they followed her to junior high. We talked about how to deal with this kid, have talked to the school, etc. After yet another slight, I told Girl Child that the next time this kid messes with her, to stick her finger in the face of the Oppressor and tell her to Fuck OFF. As loud as she can. With her shoulders back and her chin turned up. Fuck off. (then off she will fuck) I called the school counselor and told her our plan. Lo and behold, the bully’s locker has been moved away from my kid. Ain’t that some shit.

Last summer, I saw a man at a local picnic give my then-11 year old the “up down” leer, and stopped walking. After Girl Child was out of earshot, I stood in front of him and said, “She is a child. Take your eyes off of her or I will EAT YOU.” And I meant it. Baba Yaga and I are friends. I will eat him with his shoes on. 

I think that in the New Age field we are encouraged to be soft and pastel colored and covered with crystals, but honestly? Sometimes our anger is valid. Sometimes we need to yell. Sometimes nice isn’t going to cut it.

I want to raise my kids to be kind and respectful. And if that doesn’t work, and people are still bothering them, I want them to raise their voices and square their shoulders and get BIG so they won’t be made into victims. 

When I give readings to women, often the advice is the same. Speak up. Chin up, shoulders squared. Get big. Stop apologizing for everything and stop being afraid to take up space. I think we’re conditioned to be small and meek and that shit just doesn’t cut it anymore.

So I will encourage you as I encourage my Girl Child and my clients. Get big. Raise your voice. Stomp your feet. Be heard. 

This is so important women. It’s so important, because we have value and because the girls are watching us.

xo LIS

 Baba Yaga - Squad goals. Tarot deck unknown
Baba Yaga – Squad goals. Tarot deck unknown

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