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Z is for Zombies and Eyeballs #atozchallenge

So, I got this tarot deck last year. It was beautiful. It’s called the Wooden Tarot, and the artist also made a deck called the Earthbound Oracle. The artwork is amazing, and it aligns beautifully with my vision of the tarot. I took it out of the book, and blinked.

…it blinked back.

 Even the flowers have eyeballs...
Even the flowers have eyeballs…

Almost every card in this deck has extraneous eyeballs on it. Bleh. I have an eye thing. Not as bad as my friend, Reese, does, but still. We used to mess with each other by touching our eyeballs. It was gross. We were young.

So I have this new deck. And it’s beautiful! And eyeballs. And grody. And I couldn’t use it. So I gave it to my Amazing Graphic Designer, Jake, who loves eyeballs.  Mazel tov.

I’ve run across this a few times. I get excited about a deck – like the Zombie Tarot – which is so cool looking. But there is an element about it (zombies) that distracts me from my readings, and makes me unable to work well. Can’t use it. 

My friend, Potter, has a deck like this. They are completely batshit crazy in love with this deck. Every single time Potter shows it to me, I screech “Eyeballs!” and fall into a faint (not really). But it’s their FAVORITE deck at the moment. To each their own, for sure.

I think the point of this (in a series of 26 posts done within the month of April whilst starting a new job, getting a new puppy and dealing with Life) is that if your deck doesn’t work for you, it’s not a working deck, and you need to either shelve it or find a new home for it.  Because eyeballs.  Ew for me, amazing for Jakey.

xo LFT

 The Page of Wands is all about...oh god....is that his mom's leg.....
The Page of Wands is all about…oh god….is that his mom’s leg…..

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