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We are our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves. – Tom Robbins

 SO, I’m tooling around on kickstarter, like you do, and what should I find but an awesome new shiny tarot deck!  After some quick negotiation with my partner (Babe, pleeeeeease??? THANK YOU!) I got the cards.  This is the Hirajeta tarot – named after the brilliant artist, Danny Hirajeta from Iron Clown Studios.  

Check this out:   

 I am not a photographer, but OMG I love this deck. 
I am not a photographer, but OMG I love this deck. 

I did four readings the night I got my deck – they were fantastic.  They were brave and hard and we so easy to read.  I didn’t like the pips at first – the minors.  They’re kind of repetitive.  BUT after using them for a while, they worked out fine.  The cards are easy to shuffle, good cardstock and pretty.

 So pretty.  So powerful. 
So pretty.  So powerful. 

I asked Danny to fill out the Tarot Questionnaire, and he was nice enough to humor me.  You can find Danny’s work here, and there are some more pics at the bottom of the interview.   

xo! LFT 

Tarot Questionnaire Thinger:

1.  What you appreciate the most in your friends.

I have 2 best of the best friends. All three of us are Libras and besides our similar interests in a variety of areas. I love that they treat me the way I treat them. We respect each others privacy and never guilt the other for not being in contact for any reason. If any of us want to hangout we will, if we don’t, we just say, “I gotta go”, and that’s that. There are no judgments or guilt trips. It’s a beautiful thing. 

2.  Your idea of happiness.

Oh that’s entirely too difficult to answer. I wouldn’t even know where to start. 

3.  Your idea of misery.

 Gorgeous and funky and absolutely accurate reads. 
Gorgeous and funky and absolutely accurate reads. 

Being stuck. Dead end job, dead end relationship, no viable opportunities or options to leave or remake your current state. The whole idea of being stuck just seems so awful. I think even if you were doing something you loved just not having the option to change your current state on a whim, would seem dreadful.

4.  Where would you like to live?

That’s easy. The grand and peaceful island of Okinawa. I spent my 4 high school years there and it was the embodiment of paradise. Rich with culture and friendly people. A people who know how to throw a party, a festival, and holiday at a moments notice.

5.  Your favorite colors and flowers.

I prefer muted colors of all shades for my surroundings, nothing too overpowering so that I can relax. Same with clothing. Dull shades of Brown, Green, Blue and Grey. However, Golden Yellow energizes me. When birch trees go completely yellow in the Fall, they glow in the mornings and I can just stare at them for hours. Along the same lines, Sunflowers are my favorite flowers.

6.  Your favorite poets.

Poetry is more hit and miss with me than anything else. So far there haven’t been any particular poets to gain foothold in my life. Although I did enjoy most of Lang Leav’s Love & Misadventure

7.  Your heroes in fiction.

None come to mind really.

8.  Your heroines in fiction.

DC comic’s Wonder Woman and Ellen Ripley of Aliens. Hands down are the most powerful women to me in fiction. They are the complete package. Intelligent, powerful, resourceful, fierce in any aspect of their lives while never sacrificing their traditional feminine side to do so. Caring and Loving and so much more, they are the embodiment of strong and inspiring women in fiction. (to me at least)

9.  Your heroes in real life.

Yoshitaka Amano and Mike Mignola. The two of them are so very different and can do so much with completely different styles of art. Expressing so much with complexity and simplicity. I envy what they can do. I’m not sure if that is what is meant by having a hero but I am secure enough to say that I am super envious of their abilities and creativity and also insecure enough to say that I hate how good they are.

10.  Your heroines in real life?

I am gonna have to say my mom is an actual heroine. She is amazing and terrifying in all aspects of her life. I have never seen anyone work so hard for exactly what they wanted, not even me. A Panamanian woman who worked 3 jobs for years to raise 3 boys, and still works almost full time to this day. And I don’t mean some desk job, she gets up at 5am and makes food all day, burning and hurting herself as she goes. Everyone in our family says she should retire but I stopped asking her to take it easy. I look up to her because she lives her life exactly the way she wants to, and even though I will be devastated when she dies, I know it’ll be on her terms.

11.  What is your present state of mind?

I’m not in a rut exactly. There are still plenty of things I am excited to draw but I’ve been neglecting drawing a bunch of depressing and anger fueled artwork. It’s kinda where I get my best work from and I don’t get the chance to do it often. Mostly because there hasn’t been any tragedy in my life for a while now (thankfully) But that’s where you get the great stuff. Just spilling all this stagnant raw and horrible emotion out on paper. Smoldering in it until you finally shake it off and see that even though you had gone through some shit times, at least you have some really good artwork out of it. I miss it, but it’s easy to slide into depression that way, so I have to be cautious how I go about revisiting that frame of mind….but I need to go back.

12.  What is your favorite tarot deck or divination tool?

 Silly artist. 
Silly artist. 

Yoshitaka Amano Tarot. Even though I know it was just someone taking lesser known pieces of his previously made art and adding them to the proper cards, it couldn’t have turned out better in my eyes. 

13.  Your favorite songs?

No such thing really. I listen to music to match what I am doing and especially what I’m drawing. Thinking about this question hurts…I can’t even pic a genre of music to stay in….. Freedom by George Michael, THERE! thats all I got.

14.  What is your favorite word?

Marduk…..don’t know why I’ve just been saying it alot lately.

15.  What is your least favorite word?

Any racist, sexist, bigoted slur out there.

16.  What sound or noise do you love?

Loud ritualistic chanting.

17.  What sound or noise do you hate?

. The banshee scream that is a fan belt that needs to be replaced… damn loud and intrusive! Everyone can hear it no matter where they are!

18.  What turns you on?

Powerful men and women. Doesn’t matter if it’s expressed through intelligence, resilience, cunning, grace…so long as I can see that there is some part of you that can refuse the world. Also, the first half of BDSM. I’m not sure how comfortable you’d be with me answering this so completely.

19.  What turns you off?

arrogance, pain, anger, general douchebaggery

20.  What is your favorite curse word?

          sack of shit!

21.  If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates

         “What are YOU doing here?!”



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