Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness – Terry Pratchett

The days between Christmas and New Year’s Day tend to be floaty, ethereal, weird things that I call the In-Betweens. The kids aren’t in school and work days are weird and I always seem to spend the days crawling into my brain and rooting around. I look for things to throw out and look for things to bring home.  This isn’t always successful.  I threw smoking away every year for about a decade – and it always came back. I decided to exercise once back in the 90’s and it lasted for six months, and then went away again.  

But sometimes it works. For example, I haven’t had a cigarette for 132 days, 8 hours and nine minutes, as of right now.  Granted, it wasn’t New Years.  It was the third day after the New Moon, and I was ready to release cigarettes. So I did.   

I’ve asked myself over and over what made this time different than the other hundreds of times, and I believe it’s because I got really, really angry. I was tired of failing.  I was tired of breaking my word to my kids that I would quit. I was absolutely furious with myself. So, I was sitting outside in the dark with my witchy candles burning and my stones and all of that, and I very clearly said, “I am fucking done with cigarettes.”  I sat for a few seconds and wondered if I should say something else, or ask someone for help, but it felt like I was finished.  And I was. I was finished. It’s only been four months, but I feel confident in saying that I am a non-smoker. 

I am about to launch this program called Elements, and I was sitting here in the quiet, thinking about the In-Betweens and about the Elements launch on 1/1/16.  The goal of this program is to help people focus on one part of their life – their Home, Career, Body, Emotions and Spirit. I wanted to give my clients a directed reading that would help them make lasting change in their lives.

Focus is the key. When I give a reading to clients, it’s often about two or more things. It’s a whole life reading and the client has homework to do for all of them. The Elements readings are specific, directed readings towards each part of your life. There is a kit with each Element containing an item that will help you focus your intent on what you’re going to do – what the plan is – to change your life. This is not an ethereal wish or a resolution. This is not half-assing your life – this is whole-assing it. We’ll do the reading, you will do your homework, an exercise and follow-up with extra resources. 

I want you to get Elements to truly make a change in your life. I want you to decide what your life is going to look like and then MAKE it look like that. I want you to tap into your core Self and choose the path to Authenticity. I want you to get ANGRY, and then I want you to do something about it. Set fire to your apathy and let the glow light your way to success.   

xo LFT

Did someone say they wanted a Do-over? 

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