I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. – Albert Einstein

I had a moment last Saturday, as I was finishing up my very first ‘not at the kitchen table drinking a beer with my friends’ tarot class.  The four students whipped out some oracle cards and started teaching each other how to read them.  They were candid and engaged, and I grinned as I walked my tired ass out the door.  There was a spark of learning that grew from our conversations in the class and I was THRILLED.

I started my old blog (Melissatarot) about three years ago at the request of my friend from America’s Hat (Canada), Suzanne.  She wanted me to talk to her about what the cards told me, so I did.  I covered the entire Major Arcana, and the Wands, and then life got in the way for a bit and I got all distracted.  I’ve covered a few other cards since then, but hadn’t really put much effort into completing my book/manuscript/thinger. 

Then, in April, I started this new blog.  I got my tarot pistons firing again. 🙂  I listed classes in the shop, and didn’t really think about them again.  I just thought it would be fun.  I got one order for a class, and at Pagan Picnic, picked up three more students.  It was very exciting, and I finished my tarot thinger QUICKLY.  The class went really well, and there were requests for an Advanced Tarot class.  That’s going to be a minute, but I’m excited to start writing more. 

The class lasted for five hours, and that was just enough time to cover all of the cards.  I’m going to post some available dates on my Facebook page, and if you’re inclined, come along. The classes will be on Saturday mornings at Shameless Grounds.

I’m thrilled to be teaching, and I can’t wait to see how the next class goes.  And who knows – maybe I’ll take this show on the road?  😀

xo Lis

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