For my city, St. Louis, this card is pretty timely.  Peace and Justice….Peace and Justice – xoLFT

I always thought that the Justice card was male, but then I did some research and found that it’s based on Athena.  If you look at the card – there is NO water.  This is a bit unusual for tarot cards, particularly in the Major Arcana.  No water?  No emotion.  This card is about being critical and impartial.  There is no room here for empathy.  Squishy, emotional types like me get very uncomfortable when this card comes up.  It’s cold, objective and very, very fair.  it doesn’t care if you had a bad day or if someone bent your feelers.

Everything in this card is even.  The robes are symmetrical, the pillars, and the balance of the sword straight up and the scales hanging straight down.  I have a feeling that she would pull a Solomon without hesitation and cut that baby in half.  If you look, you can see that her foot is sticking out under her robe.  She will fly up as soon as she makes her decision and carry it out.  Justice is about action.  That’s why social justice groups are always marching around and making things happen.  They’d be called social idea groups otherwise.
The Tarot MixTape selection for Justice is “Give Peace a Chance” by John Lennon.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

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