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The Chariot #tarot #tarotmixtapeplaylist

I always find it interesting that his steeds have no reins. He’s driving the chariot through willpower and that’s it.   This card is about being In Control.  You got this.  You are confident, resourceful and savvy.  He’s got No Reins in his hands – the imagery is pretty important because it implies that the driver needs nothing else to get to his goals.  Doesn’t matter that he’s got a fancy canopy or a couple of sphinxes ready for any request he has.  He can just go.  No obstacle is too big, no opponent is too strong.  There is a lot of water (emotion) behind him – so there is a lot of passion here.  That’s the key to the Chariot.  He has to be passionate about whatever he’s going for.  It’s got to matter and it’s got to be difficult.  If he doesn’t have to work for it, what’s the point?  This guy owns his own company because he doesn’t like having a boss.  He says things and expects people to listen.  He doesn’t wait to see if they take his advice, he *knows * that they will.
The thing – there’s always a thing – the reins?  They’re INSIDE OF YOU.  You have to reach down inside of you and pull yourself up by your will.  Your indomitable, badass Will.
The TarotMixTapePlaylist for the Chariot is Lose Yourself by Eminem.  You only got one shot.

Keva the Diva chose another song for the Chariot – and so – Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder!  Thanks, Keva, love.  🙂

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