When I give readings, every now and again, I’ll sigh and say, “Ok, this is the part where I yell at you.”

Ok, it happens a lot.  I’m not going to lie.  Even thought I’m not quite the clueless jerk that I used to be, a lot of tarot readings are confrontational.  If the Universe has been sending you messages and you haven’t been listening, a tarot reading is a really good opportunity for the Universe to yell at you.  And I get to be the vehicle for your ass-chewing.  You’re welcome.

What I like about this is that the information comes through very clearly.  There is little interpretation when the message is “Hey, stop sleeping with a married man.  You’re not that kind of person and you can’t pull it off”.  I get the wide eyes and the “Um, how the hell did you know that”.  

I used to apologize a lot.  I’m sorry I made you cry.  I’m sorry I yelled.  But the thing is, I’m not supposed to own my client’s reading.  I have to give it – good or bad.  I have to pass on the message, even if it’s the last thing they want to hear.  Even if it makes me feel like a bully.  

After the yelling, though, we get to figure out what comes next.  Remember, O is for Optimism.  Deliver the message, be as stern as you need to be, and then help them figure out what comes next.  

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