I have new business cards.  They were designed by my friend, Ryan, who is a wonderful artist and a tarot addict like me.  We were working on my website last year, and he said, “Ok, well, what should we call you?”  The first thing that fell out of my mouth was “Reader”.  I’m a Reader.  

I’ve always hated that identifying game.  Psychic?  Tarot reader?  Mystic? Fortuneteller?  There are more, but none really rang true to me.  I’m a fan of science, so psychic gets under my skin a bit.  I do other readings besides the tarot kind.  Mystic implies a level of wisdom that I’d HOPE to reach someday.  Fortuneteller is ok, but it’s kind of cultural appropriation on one end (even tho my family is straight up Polska Romani, yo), and on the other end, it can make me into a joke.

Reader, though.  That resonated.  I can read your energy, your cards, your palm or your future.  I can read your mood or your mind.  I’m a huge bibliophile, so this title appealed to me on that level as well.  We each have a story.  How often to people get the chance to *read* our stories?  What a cool job I’ve got.  Thanks again, Ryan, for helping me name it.

(The runner up name, btw, is Card Slinger)


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