When all’s said and done, all roads lead to the same end. So it’s not so much which road you take, as how you take it – Charles deLint

I love this time of year – my friend Will talked about the time between Christmas and New Year’s as being shapeless and un-managed energy.  Anything can happen and you won’t be surprised.  The dates are all wonky and your time is kind of unchecked except for the mundane responsibilities.  The huge rush of the holidays gives way to the potential for a new beginning.  I love the ‘in-betweens’.  I always think of this time of year as a cocoon of sorts. That formative, squishy time where you get to shed the parts of you that aren’t working and try on something new.  

My favorite author is Charles deLint, and I wonder if it’s because most of his stories live in the ‘in-betweens’.  The realm between our world and the Others, that space between belonging and being an outsider, the sliver of time between dusk and dark.  Those times and feelings are like a hushed breath.  A pause.  A hesitation before we gather ourselves and march forward.  

The card that reminds me of this time of year is the World card.  Wrapping things up and moving on to the next adventure.  The Fool’s Journey has come to a close, and the World card allows the Fool to take that leap again, and begin the walk through the Majors.  

I have a spread that I use for the in-betweens.  Birthdays, the October 31st end of the year, and for New Year’s.  I use twelve cards in a circle – each card aligning with the first month of whatever cycle you’re beginning.  I’ve seen this as an astrological spread, but I like to leave astrology to Suzi Dronzek.  Mine is pretty simple.  Using either only the Major’s or the whole deck, shuffle the cards until you feel like you’re finished.  Cut three times and draw a card for each month of your year.  This is a reading that I come back to every month.  I write each card on a blank page in my journal and write about what the card means to me, and at the end of the month, I write how it manifested for me.  It’s also a great way to learn the essence of each card and how it applies to your life.  

Example – if your month is The Fool – look for opportunities to be brave (or daft) and make a leap you wouldn’t otherwise take.  Recognize that great things can follow new opportunities, and that being scared is sometimes just part of the ride.  

If your month is the 7 of Swords  – look at your actions before you blame someone else.  Are you moving forward toward your goals?  Or actively getting in your own way.

Tonight is a New Moon – a Witches Moon.  It’s a great time to throw down some cards and make clear your intent for the next year.  New moons are for shedding those things that no longer serve you.  

I’d love to hear how your New Year readings turn out!  Take care of you and yours and have a great and safe beginning/ending.  🙂

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