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Marshmallow Marseille | Tarot Deck Review

I got a wonderfully sweet, travel-sized deck created by Jorge Cuaik of the Wandering Oracle. Let me tell you, I absolutely spent a really long time playing with the reflections on this deck. Not sorry.
Now – to be completely honest, I don’t like Marseille decks. Mostly because I learned with the RWS deck, and also because it looks like a bunch of sticks for me. HOWEVER, my friend Ryan Edward is changing my mind with his beautiful work, and then I get THIS shiny gorgeous thing in the mail.
I like small decks (and I cannot lie) because I have wee Polish hands, so this poker card sized deck is easier for me to shuffle. The card stock is fantastic and the cute flip-open tuck box is sturdy. The artwork is pretty and I like the color palette a lot.
The only downside to me personally is that I only see white/traditional faces here. It’s inspired by an 18th century Tarot that was made in a little town in Italy, so I can understand the representation choices made here.
Overall, it’s a wonderful little deck that’s shiny and fun, with great packaging and printing details that conveys a great amount of care from the maker.
And speaking of, do you want to know more about Jorge? Here’s my interview with him.

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