How do you do a reading?

This month, we’re going to talk about tarot basics. A lot of my students have never touched a tarot deck before we sit down together, and I’ve compiled some of their questions together for you guys. Feel free to send any questions you have.

The biggest question that I get is HOW do you do a reading. Not spiritually or emotionally, but actually physically doing the reading. I’ve broken down how I do a reading below.

Just remember that the way you do readings is entirely up to you.

This is for in-person readings. I’m going to cover phone and email readings next week.

  1. I ask the client to shuffle the cards. I’m not precious about my decks since I use them so often. I ask them to shuffle until they feel like they’re finished. 
    • This gives folks a chance to breathe and relax before the reading.
  2. I ask them to cut the cards if they want after shuffling. 
  3. I pick them up and turn them so that I read them the way that they were facing the client. 
  4. After I lay them out, I tell the client what the spread means – the back row is past, middle row is present – etc. 
  5. I start with the past, and tell the story of where they’ve been, then where they are, and where they’re likely going. 
  6. After we talk about these cards, if there is anything we haven’t covered, we ask specific questions, I shuffle, and lay out three cards. I tell the story of these three cards and then we talk some more.

I find it’s best (for me) to do readings without any info at the start. I had a conversation with my hero, Rachel Pollack, about how she reads (since I learned from her books) and she always, always gets a question. It just depends on what makes you the most comfortable.

Remember to breathe. Remember to tell the person you’re reading for (I say client – doesn’t have to be) how long you’ve been reading and if you’re still using your book. I used to say, “I’ve only been doing this for a year so if I get stuck, I’m going to grab my book.”

If you don’t have a book, don’t worry! I wrote my book Kitchen Table Tarot so you can learn to read with your own voice and get questions to all of your answers.


Check it out here!

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